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  • What is a CHARM robot and what does the acronym stand for?
    CHARM is a coral farming robot that allows for automated, controlled and affordable coral aquaculture at scale. CHARM stands for Coral Husbandry Automated Raceway Machine. Designed by an MIT graduate and ex-NASA engineer, Stephen Rodan, CHARM is essentially am industrial aquarium with a robotic arm connected to a software that uses AI to produce the perfect conditions for optimal coral growth. Coral is monitored, cleaned, and fed through various functions of CHARM.
  • What is a Coral Charm product and how does it work?
    When a coral is grown inside CHARM, each coral needs to be fixed to a small, stationary platform made of ceramic or concrete. This platform is known in the aquaculture industry as a 'coral plug' and is an essential step in coral aquaculture. Our Coral Charm product is a unique platform to allow for people to connect with a coral. When a customer buys a Coral Charm, their name and an image are engraved onto two identical coral plugs. The plugs are made of ceramic and can be plated with gold or platinum. One plug will have a coral placed on it and grow inside the CHARM aquarium. The other plug will go in a beautiful jewellery box and sent to the customer. These two plugs act like twins and will have the same engraved ID number. The customer's plug is inside a jewellery box that has a QR code inside the lid. By scanning this QR code, the customer will be brought to the CHARM homepage <> where they can input the Coral ID number. Each coral will have a dedicated page for people to view the growth of the coral and a button to press and feed it.
  • Will the Coral Charm be placed into the wild for reef restoration?
    The spirit of the invention is to grow coral at scale for restoration, research, and resale purposes. This product's main objective is to be used for restoration in the Ocean. However, it's important that the proper permits and local permissions are granted for each restoration site. Presently on Magnetic Island, we are working towards this goal. When the coral is transplanted in the reef, the Coral Charm is then permanently registered with the GPS coordinates of the location.
  • How can I feed my coral?
    Every time you visit your coral's page, you feed it for the day! Optional plans are available for a recurring and automated feed cycle.
  • How long should the coral grow before being planted into the ocean?
    Typically, the corals can be safely transplanted to a dedicated location on the reef after 6 months of growth.
  • Can I name my coral?
    Yes, you can name the coral its own unique name. To do so, visit the coral's ID page and edit the name in the text box.
  • Where is the CHARM robot currently located?
    You can find our coral nursery near the Nelly Bay ferry terminal on Magnetic Island, Australia in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.
  • What is the impact of this experience?
    Potentially, this could be a new way to offer tourism experiences that are not only "eco" but also "regenerative" and open to everybody. By pressing a button you contribute to growing a healthy and happy coral. Single contributions will collectively contribute to the global restoration of our beloved coral reefs.
  • Can I have a CHARM robot, too?
    Please contact us at <> to inquire about getting your very own CHARM. We are excited to get CHARM robots into the hands of scientists and restoration practicioners. It is our goal to put coral in the ocean and build a machine that everyone can use to do the same.

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